AUTS = Another Used Test Strip

Well folks, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to clean up my test kit at work.

I was having a problem throwing strips away because I felt that I needed to collect them for another contest. I mean, what good is a “guess the number” contest if you don’t have enough numbers to make it worthwhile?!

These strips have been collecting in my case ever since I counted and dumped them for the first contest back in March.

In the tradition of the original contest I will be taking submissions in the comments to this post. The contest will run through the end of the day Friday June 2, 2006. The first person to submit the closest guess will win a real world prize (as opposed to some virtual “kudos” or something).

And, for the sake of my friend Wil, I did not use my camera phone for this picture. I was tempted, but pulled out my (not so) fancy digital camera.

Let the games begin!! Good luck to everyone!

On another note – I had SUCH a good management day yesterday. My high of the day was 204, which was the first reading of the day (171 was the next highest after that). My low of the day was 63, which was due to some more experimentation with my set change day (more on that in a different post).

Not quite meeting the fine example set by our friend Kerri, with a tight threshold of 87 – 139 (sheesh! Can you even call yourself diabetic with numbers like that?!), but I was pretty happy about my day.

  • Kerri.

    Scott – I had to post about that bloodsugar day because it startled the hell out of me. Startled to the point where I said to Chris, “I’m thinking about selling my pump on eBay.”

    Which I’m glad I didn’t because breakfast the next morning clocked me in at 213 mg/dl. Beep bop beep!

    I have to guess: 99. Triple Bird.

  • Kevin

    Put me down for 214.

    Nice job on your readings the other day. I’m rarely able to pull something like that off if I’m starting off high. Way to go!

  • Anil

    I guess 130 strips.

  • Megan

    I’m going with 110 strips, accu-chek compact.

  • melissa

    Yay! Another contest – you have mad my day! I guessing 178.

    I would be happy with a day like that too!

  • Sarah

    I’ll guess 87. :)

  • type1emt

    150 strips.

  • Penny

    233 strips

  • julia

    I’m guessing 204.

    And dood, that’s disgusting. My daughter does that, too. What are you keeping them for? In case you need to build a really tiny raft? Kill someone via thick paper cuts? What?

  • J

    put me in for 347 see how it goes kinds looks like my case .

  • George

    I am gonna say…. 256

  • Rachel

    139. just for your mention of Kerri’s range.

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