George’s vacationhere absolutely FLEW by.  But we did a lot of fun things.  I know that we’ll both be posting a bit about all of the fun stuff over the next few days, so I don’t want to let the all of the cats out of the bag at the same time. 

We put together a really quick and corny VLOG post that we wanted to share.  I think George has some sort of attack at the end, but I didn’t have a clue what was going on (what else is new?)…

  • deanusa

    lol thanks guys!! im glad i got to meet george and see you and others again!!

  • JaimieH

    Lovin’ it =)

  • Kerri.

    You guys make me grin. Ya know? :)

  • Molly and a big, black dog

    Great Vlog, guys! It was a blast meeting up. Loved meeting George and catching up with the other locals. Until next time…. peace out.

  • Valerie

    Thanks for making me smile – especially after the pharmacy grief I just posted about.. BTW, “Camera Test #9″ was totally worth staying for ; )

  • Val

    I don’t know why it decided to fill in as Valerie instead of Val…. I do answer to both, but you’re probably wondering who this Valerie chick is (that is, is you even remember Val the mostly-defunct blogger…)

  • Rachel

    You know what they say about Minnesota drivers…
    So glad George was able to visit!

  • Kathy

    OMG, who are you guys?!?!!? ROTFL!!

  • Cherise


  • Cherise

    Ps that gum must be good because y’all are smacking lol

  • Michael Hoskins

    Very cool. Sounds like a good time, Mall of America and sports watching and bacon-making! Thanks for the Vlog!

  • Hannah


  • Karen

    Yay!!! Saw this over on George’s blog on Tuesday – but more than happy to watch it again! :)

  • George

    At one point I do this bizarre gum smacky thing and I have no clue why. LOL Dang that was fun man. Until the next vlog!!!

  • karend1

    You two make me smile.
    Now I can tell my sister that I am not the only one that chews gum like a cow, ha ha, maybe it is a diabetic thing.

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