I mentioned recently that I’m doing some part-time work with the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation’s Diabetes Diplomats program.

One really fun campaign that launched on Monday is “Be Part of the Cure“.  It’s a HUGE photo collage that will literally spell the word “CURE” and will hang within the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami.

Picture of the CURE BannerWith a minimum $10 donation, people can upload a photo or image, along with a paragraph talking about the picture, or how diabetes touches their lives.  At the website, you can zoom in and see all of the individual pictures, and if you click on a picture you can see details and read their story.

I donated yesterday and uploaded a picture.  My image landed inside the “U” (left hand side, inner edge).

Image showing where my picture landed in the larger collageThe zoom controls are near the bottom, and you can zoom in, zoom out, drag your mouse around to explore all of the pictures, and if you click on any picture you’ll get a larger view of the image along with the details about it. 

Close up view of my picture and story I enteredYou can also search photos by name, state, or keyword.  It’s pretty cool!  The first $25,000 in donations will be matched by Animas & LifeScan, so this is a big opportunity to double the help that your donation offers.


I support the DRI because they are great folks doing great things.  [DRIF Disclosure]

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