Screen Shot of Ninjabetic.comToday I am guest posting over at  I am honored to have been asked by George to post while he has been on vacation this week.

George and I have a special relationship, which I think we do a pretty good job of sharing with everyone.  We are damn goofy, and love every second of it.

He is one of those guys that is a real treat to hang out with in real life.  If you think he’s funny online, multiply that by 10 in real life.

We are all very blessed to have him in our lives, online or in real life, or if you’re REALLY lucky, both.


3 Responses to Guest Posting at The Bad Blog Today

  1. Mike Hoskins says:

    You’re everywhere! It’s the phenom known as Scott Johnson, everywhere and anywhere all in the confines of your computer screen and mind!

  2. David says:

    Indeed, anyone who knows you is just as lucky my friend. Thanks for everything that you do!

  3. George says:

    Thank you so much for posting this week. It’s funny all the stuff you wrote because I think the same thing about you.
    Duh right?

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