The recent CWD Family Support Weekend I attended had about three-hundred people, plus the volunteer staff.  While much smaller than the giant Friends For Life conferences, 300+some is still a BUNCH of people.

It took me at least three or four introductions, plus a nametag, before I could remember people’s names and faces.  Even with that, I can only remember a fraction of everyone I met there.

It blew me away how Jeff & Laura knew everyone’s names.  I mentioned that to one of the other people down there and they said that not only do they know people’s names, but they will often ask about extended family members and/or pets!  And to take it to another level, they do that at Friends For Life – their biggest conference boasting over three-thousand people.

I don’t know how they do it.

  • tmana

    Some people are better at remembering names and family members than others. A number of mnemonic techniques have been suggested, but there are some folk for whom those techniques don’t work.

    Now, Jeff & Laura have been seeing a lot of the same people year-in and year-out at FFL and other CWD conferences. Much like the folk at your high school or university, or your spouse’s extended family, multiple encounters and multiple conversations help you place names, faces, and backgrounds/likes/dislikes together.

  • Michael Hoskins

    That rocks. I wonder if they have flashcards or those PR-type guides with people’s names/faces/tidbits by bulletpoint. Studying viciously ahead of time and prepping for who they might run into… Or else they have cool robot-minds to store all that info, on top of the all the D-Math and Conference Stuff they keep there. Assuming they’re just awesome and good like that, I’m in awe. Maybe I should wear a mask to each conference and try to throw them off…. :))

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