Here’s a quick video for the You Can Do This project.  Thank you Kim, and thank you everyone who is watching and/or contribution.

You Can Do This.

And for the record, I am so ready to shave my “faux beard”. 15 days left until I can clean it up.

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  • Kerri.

    Great video, Scott. So glad that if I have to do this, I have people like you to do this with.

  • George

    Awesome man. Very powerful.

  • Aliza Chana

    Awesome, as usual, Scott! You inspire me, and are one of those to whom I always look for inspiration (even WERE the inspiration for me ultimately starting my own dBlog!) in the DOC. You ROCK! :) I’ll be adding my video tomorrow (if technology cooperates with me!). :) (dHugs)

  • Leah

    this is great Scott! there is no finish line…totally. & the great part is we aren’t running this race alone! Thanks for the encouraging words friend!

  • Kelly Rawlings

    Turkish vid-up! I never knew people with diabetes are more likely to get combs stuck in their beards.

  • Sysy

    This video is one of my favoritesss, everything you said so eloquently is ALL TRUE. Awesome, awesome :)

  • http://n/a Betty Jackson

    Yes we can and thanks for your inspiring words.

  • J.B.

    You said it. Tell it my brotha’!


  • Minnesota Nice

    Great soul-depth, Scott.
    (Are you going to the Mikey meetup?)

  • SaltMarsha

    Scott, thank you for nailing it once again.

  • Captain Glucose and Meter Boy

    “Exhausting” is the perfect word for diabetes. Which is much different than the phrase “exhaustive efforts” which you do on behalf of others…and that is greatly appreciated.

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