Join me in Philly for the Insulindepence Philadephia Weekend (11/15 – 11/17)!

From their website:

Event Overview |
Our goal at the Philadelphia Weekend is to bring the active diabetes community together – in person – to partake in learning opportunities, camaraderie, and a variety of race distances for the whole family. Not sure if you’re ready to break a sweat with us? Take a look at our beginner’s 8k walking plan or join us at our Saturday Dinner Symposium.

I’ll be running an 8k route that Saturday morning (Rothman Institute 8k). There is also a walking  option (along with official training plan/schedule), if running isn’t your thing.

The training plan for the run doesn’t look too bad — and you even have a week to think about it before starting.



It would be SO COOL to get some nearby people with diabetes to come out for this event – running, walking, cheering, or even just joining the group for the Saturday Dinner Symposium.

Any questions about the event, costs, logistics, etc. can be directed to the Insulindependence Philadelphia Weekend Facebook page (if you don’t do Facebook, drop me a line and I’ll get you connected to someone who can help answer questions).

So! I’ll see you in Philly, right?! :-)


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