Please don’t judge me for getting excited about finding toaster strudels in the freezer this morning.

I did everything right. I tested my blood sugar, I counted the carbs, I even set a mental timer for when I could actually eat (doing the pre-bolus thing).

Forgotten Bolus

But as my morning escaped into afternoon, and I started feeling worse and worse, a quick review of my bolus history was missing the most important part of my plan.

For all of the planning, counting, calculating, and waiting (it was more than 20 minutes, yo)… a TON of work, all in my head, and I forgot to actually take the bolus.

I thought I was being SO good. I was SO disciplined to have delicious frosted toaster strudels chilling (literally) on a plate right in front of me for so long, waiting for the insulin I hadn’t even taken to start working.

  • mmurray

    been there, done that, enjoyed the toaster strudel :) … more than once :(
    now the long wait for that rage bolus to kick in!
    hope everything ended smoothly for you.

  • Katie

    OMG. That is the absolute WORST!!!

  • Marcy Marks

    You poor baby. What flavor of toaster strudel was it? (Some are worth the extra carbs; some are not.) I’ve had a similar experience to yours … but the exact opposite. I once injected a substantial dose of mealtime insulin twice by accident and spent the next five hours shoving glucose tablets into my face to avoid passing out. Next time I’ll just order a pizza.

  • Sara

    Been there, done that. We should make t-shirts! ;)

  • Colleen

    Best morning giggle in ages.
    Life goes on…

  • scully


    you can do it again with the bolus included!

  • Kim

    I shouldn’t be smiling this big. Thank you for always being willing to share the mistakes – you make people like me feel better. :)

  • Scott E

    Been there.

    Done that.

    It’s always the ones which require the extra mental effort, the ones that leave us patting outselves on the back after we find a solution to the mathematics, the ones that are far from routine, that leave us forgetting that most routine step.

  • BoulderBird

    Hahaha! I am so damn glad I’m not the only one who does things like this. Sorry you had to have the sugar spike, but thank you for sharing!

  • Nikki

    *all diabetics nodding at same time* saying yep! we’ve done that.

  • Mike Hoskins

    I’ve NEVER done that!!

    Oh wait…

    I thought we were talking about resisting toaster strudels in the freezer. Or maybe always remembering to take my bolus.

    Well, never mind.

    Consider me a t-shirt wearer, too.

    Thanks for sharing this and letting the world know we’re not perfect, but just like anyone else out there.)

  • Susana

    Just think about this: how many times did you bolus before you ate anything? You forgot bolusing this once!!! But the rest make you a GREAT DIABETIC :D !!!

  • Katy

    Oh noooooo!

  • Saltmarsha

    I love your honesty. I think we all have done the same thing at one time.

  • Suzy

    I frequently have to look at my pump history to remember what I have done. It’s not like I could even remember I forgot. Thank G-d for pump history!!

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