Have you ever had a CGM line so flat and steady that you’ve wondered if it’s tracking right?
Or am I the only one whose BG’s fly around so much that this type of stability is surprising…

  • http://momentsofwonderful.com Sara


    Must have had an early dinner that night! :)

  • Tavia Vital

    I LOVE IT when this happens. It definitely deserves a photo!! Like Sara said- early dinners that are not high in fat tend to do wonders to my overnight sensor trends.

    I get super excited when I can flip between the 1 hr, 3 hr, 6 hr screens and still see a flat, flat line. Once every other blue moon I can see a 12 hr. flat line. Those definitely earn pictures.

    Did it hold on overnight? It looks hopeful!

  • http://www.beautifuluglymystery.blogspot.com Jessi

    That’s beautiful! No, you are not alone. Mine looks like a crazy roller coaster more often than not. When I see a flat line like that for a nice extended time I always wonder if there is something wrong with the transmission. :)

  • http://happy-medium.net StephenS

    Or… gratifying. Give yourself some credit! I had one of those yesterday morning, and it felt soooo good.

  • http://www.thediabeticscornerbooth.com Mike Hoskins

    Way to go, Scott! I do a little dance of happiness when I see those kind of flat lines, as they don’t happen nearly as much as I want. Very used to the glucoaster rides, on this end.

  • http://testguessandgo.com Laddie

    Your post is a companion post to Katy’s at Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes. She illustrated the eternal Dexcom question as to why the 3-hr scene can look great and same for the 6- and 12-hr screens. And then the 24 hr screen always looks like the Himalayas! But beautiful tracing and enjoy it while it lasts.

  • http://www.bigfootchildhavediabetes.com Katy

    Oh, yeah. Me too. If I back up for a longer view though, BAM. Pointy parts.

  • http://www.joybenchmarks.com Marie

    I love those days when Dexcom looks like a smooth line. And when I test, I find out my Dexcom is off by 2 numbers, I get so happy. I’m looking at that picture and smiling. Nicely done.

  • http://www.type1mom-chasingnumbers.blogspot.com Kelly

    Yay for flat (CGM!) lines!! I used to have a lot of nice flat-ish lines when I wore the CGM. Sadly though, I think it was because I would do ANYTHING to NOT see mountains! Sheesh, this makes me think I need to wear the CGM again just so I make better choices!!

  • http://www.sugarcoatediabetes.com Tracy G.

    Agreed. Usually when it does I check my blood sugar constantly because I can’t believe it’s stayed stable for so long, but when it does, it feels good.

  • ria

    good job, Scott ! …. isn’t it funny that type 1′ers think that flat lining is a positive, encouraging term ?

  • http://muddybrooks.wordpress.com Sandy Brooks

    Hey Scott!! When I see a flat line on Dex, I first am shocked & then I think, Is it working!!!! I test and make sure it’s accurate, then I do the happy dance!! Kind of like u at FFL!!!

    It was great meeting you!! Thanks for being so welcoming and kind!!!! Have a great week!!

  • Cathy

    I love those moments! It’s not about showing off or bragging about it. Only T1′s understand…

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