I have a stack of books in my office that I’d like to read.  It’s almost as tall as I am.  When Carli sent me her book I wasn’t sure how soon I’d be able to read it.  I made the mistake of cracking it open just [...]

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It’s hard for me to believe that we are still battling stuff like this.  In all actuality though, the battle of keeping kids with diabetes safe at school is getting harder.  With budget cuts leading to less nurses on staff, and the need to spread nurses across multiple schools, I just shake my head in [...]

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I attended a local support group where the speaker was Joe Nelson, a local  psychologist who used to blog with Diabetes Self Management.  I’ve always liked Joe, and enjoyed the chance to hear him speak again.

He [...]

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On June 27, 2012, I attended a JDRF Research Update meeting.  I sent out a message on Facebook and Twitter about being there and that I was enjoying the updates.  There were a handful of people who asked me to share what I was learning.  So here we go!

JDRF Research has been split into [...]

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Mortality and Rest

On July 25, 2012 By

I need to get this off of my mind.  Because my blog started as an outlet to deal with the often hard and unclear emotional mess diabetes brings, I somehow feel it best to do it here.

My best childhood friend’s dad passed away recently, and the funeral is tomorrow.   My friend lived just [...]

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The Diabetes Scholars Foundation does amazing work.  They raise money to help get families and young adults to Friends for Life conferences.  As if that isn’t enough, they also raise money to get young adults to college. I’ve written about Continue Reading

Anyone else remember when treating a low involved sugar cubes or tubes of cake frosting?

Have you ever had a tube of cake frosting break open in your pocket?  Or tried to carry around a baggie full of white powder that started off as a bunch of sugar cubes?

I’m thankful that today’s options travel [...]

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May I call in a favor? I need a vote from you. All it takes is a quick click on the “like” or “tweet” button at the bottom of my contest entry.

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Among other things, Kerri and I were responsible for being “room captains” of the Adults with Type 1 room (sponsored by Insulet (thank you!)) at this year’s Friends [...]

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I really do like the Medtronic System so far.  It’s just unfortunate that I haven’t taken the time to write about the positives before experiencing another negative.

For the past couple of years I have been blessed to serve with Kerri on the faculty of the CWD [...]

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