Are you familiar with TED Talks?  I can’t remember how I first heard of them.  I started watching and listening to them a couple of years ago and have been really moved by a few of them.  If you haven’t seen any of them, or have never heard of [...]

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A Story That Set The Bar

On September 3, 2011 By

I bumped into Mike at the ice machine in the lunchroom, and took the opportunity to thank him for all of his time, energy, and hard work on a product that is attached to me 24×7.

At this time, probably around the fall of 2006, I had been in only a few meetings with him [...]

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Noncommunicable Disease Alliance Fights to Retain Goals” – a quick and clear post about the upcoming NCD Alliance Summit and the dangers we face as major players hesitate to step up to the plate.

More Links about this:
Interview with NCDA Chair Ann Keeling
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The JDRF volunteers around the Minneapolis area are very active.  I’m lucky to live here so I can participate in some of the great things they are doing.

My trip to Capitol Hill early in the year helped me get to know some of the people in the Grassroots Advocacy team, and since then we’ve [...]

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There are some talented authors that are simply a pleasure to read.

William “Lee” Dubois is one such author.

I feel lucky to have him speaking, through his great books, about some of the medical perspectives of life with diabetes.  He is a brilliant non-doctor-doctor who’s life path has [...]

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I am in Las Vegas, NV for the 2011 AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators) annual meeting. I was invited out by a great group that I write for, Diabetes Care Club. A huge “thank you” to them for making this trip possible (disclosure: they are covering my travel, conference admission, and lodging). [...]

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I’m Proud of Bennet!

On August 2, 2011 By

Last year, at my first Friends for Life (FFL) conference, I bumped into Gary Scheiner in the exhibit hall. He told me that they play basketball in the activity center in the evenings. I didn’t have any of my basketball gear (contact lenses, ankle braces, etc) but wanted to give [...]

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Is it possible for an annual event to change your life for the better each and every year?

Is it possible for that event to be better than the year before, without taking away any magic from the previous event?


I don’t know how they do it, but Jeff and Laura have the formula [...]

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I spent some time Sunday hanging out with a local Girl Scout troop that my friend leads.  Some time ago she asked if I would be willing to come and talk about diabetes with them.

“I’ll talk diabetes with anyone – let’s do it”, I told her.

So I jumped into it with both [...]

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Scrambled Brain

On July 13, 2011 By

The Johnson family returned from the 2011 Friends for Life conference late on Sunday. My brain is frantically trying to process all of the magic that I experienced, and I’ve been crazy busy catching up on home stuff. I feel like I need a good solid week of quiet [...]

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