Have you ever had a CGM line so flat and steady that you’ve wondered if it’s tracking right?

Or am I the only one whose BG’s fly around so much that this type of stability is surprising…

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QUICK! What are you doing on Friday night?!

If you’re in the Minneapolis area and are coming to the Tour de Cure Champions VIP Dinner – I’ll see you there!

I’m honored to be the keynote speaker for the Champions to STOP Diabetes VIP Dinner on the night before [...]

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Today I’m featuring a guest post by Kevin Kosewic. He’s lived with type 1 diabetes since 1967, diagnosed at the age of 8. Just over six years ago he discovered Diabetes Training Camp, run by Dr. Matt Corcoran, and fell in love with it.

Diabetes Training Camp is a unique clinical [...]

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In less than one week (on Tuesday, May 20) I will be joining a group of panelists, a handful of behind-the-scenes people, two partner organizations (Diabetes Hands Foundation & dLife), and one sponsoring company (Pamlab) to bring the second Diabetes [...]

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Our assignment for day two of the fifth (!!) annual #DBlogWeek is to write a poem, rhyme, ballad, haiku, or any other form of poetry about diabetes. At first I thought this would be really hard for me, but my day delivered a perfect solution, [...]

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Our assignment for day one of the fifth annual (!!) #DBlogWeek is to talk about diabetes causes and issues that get us really fired up.

I’m not a fired up kind of guy.

The slow and steady march of making connections, introducing people who need to [...]

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I recently finished reading “Diabetes and Wellbeing” by Dr. Jen Nash, and I really enjoyed it.

Subtitled “Managing the psychological and emotional challenges of diabetes types 1 and 2″ Dr. Nash set out to help us find some good ways to deal with the challenges [...]

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I love this poem & performance by Doc P from DiagnosedNotDefeated, check it out!

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I’m very happy to announce the return of the Diabetes Hope Conference!

We have another amazing lineup of panelists (some returning, some new), with what we hope (no pun intended) are topics that you feel are worth participating in.

This year we have a very [...]

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This is Doug

On April 18, 2014 By

This is my friend Doug. He’s pretty cool. He has type 1 diabetes, just like me.

He decided he was going to run a marathon. In February of 2011, he couldn’t run 0.25 miles, and in October of 2011 he completed the Twin Cities Marathon.

He’s done four more [...]

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