Zach was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of three, on Father’s Day, 2007.

Spending four days in the hospital, learning how to check blood sugars and give shots, Lisa watched her little guy finally smile again.  He had been the moodiest little boy, and now she understood why.

They [...]

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Summer of 2009. Allison came to town and we had a DOC meet-up out at the Mall of America. That was the first time I met Heather (a.k.a “Auntly H“) who blogs at “ Continue Reading

I am a fan of WEGO Health, a community dedicated to empowering health activists to help others.  I love their mission.  They also helped me get to BlogWorld 2010, which was an incredible experience for me.

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What is “Diaboogle“?

It is a neat search tool that Bernard Farrell has put together.

For a bunch of years, Bernard has been building this custom search tool.  When you search for something, using this tool, it will only search diabetes related websites that [...]

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Exclusive footage of a DOC late-night #sweatabetes session at the recent Medtronic Diabetes Advocates Forum featuring superstar Blunt Lancet keyboardist Kelly “RawSugar” [...]

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What is a Diabetes Diplomat?

A Diabetes Diplomat is anyone who has decided to get involved with raising money and advocating for the Diabetes Research Institute.

The Diabetes Diplomats group has a laundry list of proven ideas that you can use.  [...]

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I love meetups.

I will do almost anything in my power to get to them.  I missed a group meeting on Monday night, which bummed me out a bit, but couldn’t be helped.

Last night was a different story though.  I spent a few hours visiting with Dean, Mike, and MissItaly.  I loved it (as [...]

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If you are a teen who lives with diabetes, I recommend this book.

If you are a parent of a teen who lives with diabetes, I recommend this book – but DON’T FORCE IT ON YOUR TEEN!

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Diabetes Advocates

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In the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) we often talk about ways to reach more people.

We know how beneficial the DOC has been for us, and we wish that benefit for everyone touched by diabetes.

But we also know that the people in the DOC are the motivated, proactive people.  These are the people [...]

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Dinner in D.C.

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The local DOC Contingent sure pulled together while we were in D.C. for JDRF Government Day.

What started out as a group of nine or ten quickly turned into sixteen or more! Every time I checked my e-mail or twitter feed, there was another person who caught wind of our [...]

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