I am working to pay closer attention to my “unconscious eating habits”. Trying to determine certain “trigger” events, and what other circumstances are often involved with my eating.

One thing I have realized is that for me – junk food is addictive.

Maybe addictive is not the right word to use – because if I [...]

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At least, not at my day job.

Seriously though. I played basketball last night, hurt leg and all, and on second thought – it was probably not a very good idea.

I stretched, took ibuprofen, warmed up for a long time, and it still just plain hurt, and it hurt the entire night. But, there [...]

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Ouch! That Smarts!

On March 8, 2006 By

I was thinking yesterday about how my basketball days (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) are pretty much automatic for getting my exercise in. The next thought that came into my head was “boy, I sure hope I don’t get hurt or anything! That would mess up my game plan…”.

Sure enough – I jinxed myself.

Nothing [...]

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Sometimes I feel like I’m taking time off work every week for some sort of diabetes related appointment. It’s not really that frequent, but it just feels that way.

In many ways I’m very fortunate in my work to have a little flexibility. I usually don’t have a problem with being able to leave work [...]

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I’m still fighting my set changes. This is something that has been a thorn in my side for a long time, and it’s been hard for me to pound out all the variables and get some steady consistent testing figured out.

This is another good example of that.

I woke up around 1:50am last night [...]

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Take a look at that nice flat line staying in my target range for hours on end. Doesn’t that look nice? I mean, what more could you ask for??

How about an accurate reflection of what really happened with my blood sugar.

As I looked at the second test in that series, I [...]

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It is always hard to start the day off with a crappy number. Lows I can deal with Ok (most of the time – IF I can avoid the rebound thing), but highs seem to start me off on an especially sucky note – which I fight with for a good portion of the day.


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What do you get when you get home from work, scarf down a bunch of leftovers, and take a wild guess at how many carbs you ate?

Yes, you guessed it – what do they say? Garbage In, Garbage Out? But, which was it – high or low?

It was high.

I had a pretty [...]

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On February 28, 2006 By

The non-diabetic body is always checking the blood sugar level and making little adjustments.

The most accurate way we have to express “always” would be to say once every second.

So there are 60 seconds in a single minute, and 60 minutes in each hour, and 24 hours in each day. That means that a [...]

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Blood Spots

On February 27, 2006 By

I hear that doctors that review logbooks actually don’t mind seeing little bloodspots on the pages. It lets them know that the person is really testing their blood sugars and logging them.

I was leaking like crazy, and didn’t notice it until I smeared it all over the logbook!! Many of my pages have [...]

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