Why is "D" so isolating?

On January 21, 2006 By

I think that the “diabetes blogosphere” (aka the O.C.) has really taken off, and is growing every day. It’s great. I can’t tell you all how much I enjoy reading all that people share, and there is a connection with almost each and every blog and post.

For me, diabetes can be, for the most [...]

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When coming to a point where I realize my management needs a complete overhaul, where do I start? Just with logging things as they are today?

I haven’t done any logging for a long time, and a pattern has to really jump up and smack me in the face before I’ll notice it.

I’ve got [...]

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Like Dennis Rodman

On January 19, 2006 By

I controlled that rebound like Dennis Rodman!

Dennis Rodman was perhaps the best rebounder in the NBA while he played (mid-late eighties and most of the nineties). That was his specialty! He was such a good rebounder that he was left on the court for almost that purpose alone! He led the NBA [...]

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What is it about Cap’n Crunch cereal that totally destroys the roof of your mouth?

I love cereal, but I don’t eat it too often. This is mostly because I have a heck of a time with portion control and accurately counting the carbs (see, I can’t eat just one bowl…).

I woke up low [...]

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But I still feel low!

On January 17, 2006 By

While I agree that the whole 15/15 rule makes perfect logical sense, but I would like to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with whomever “invented” this concept.

The 15/15 rule is this: When experiencing a low blood sugar (aka reaction, insulin shock or hypoglycemia) you are to eat 15 grams of [...]

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Insulin Duration

On January 16, 2006 By

So how long does your insulin really affect your blood sugar?

It should be pretty easy to test right? In theory all it requires is a fasting bg a bit higher than target, some time, a correction bolus, a bg meter and something to record results on.

Also a good time to check the correction [...]

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Annual Eye Checkup

On January 15, 2006 By

I had my annual diabetic eye exam recently.

It went great. Nothing to report. After 25+ years of diabetes, and questionable control, “nothing to report” is music to my ears.

I partially feel like I’ve dodged a bullet – my control has never been that great, but I feel like it’s been exceptionally poor lately. [...]

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How fast is fast?

On January 15, 2006 By

Have you ever felt a little low, only to check your blood sugar and it is Ok?

I have always thought that this was due to a rapid drop in blood sugar levels. But that started me thinking – exactly how fast is fast? In other words, at what rate must BG levels drop in [...]

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Blood and Absorption

On January 14, 2006 By

We deliver insulin into our subcutaneous tissue, where it absorbs into our bloodstream, the speed of absorption is determined by the type of insulin being used.

I’ve been thinking about this a little bit lately, and it stems from an experience I had during a research study at the University of Minnesota.

I had a [...]

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Grand Rios Waterpark

On January 13, 2006 By

My wife & I took the first week of January off for a little rest & relaxation and time with the kids while our son was out of school. We took the kids to the local Grand Rios water park for a few days. It was a blast.

We had lots of fun, but there [...]

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