I Hate Set Change Days…

On February 16, 2006 By

I am very regular about changing my infusion sets. Every three days, usually in the morning – unless some emergency dictates otherwise.

I believe that it is important for me to not leave my infusion set in too long. I feel that it creates more scar tissue when it’s left in too long. While I’ve [...]

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Is it just laziness? Lack of planning – causing runs to the vending machines through the day? Unpolished and unpracticed carb counting by eyeball? Falling victim to the clever marketing schemes that have me addicted to things like Diet Coke & Peanut M&M’s? Combination of all of these things? Who knows.

What I do know [...]

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I think for many of us, we know the truth, but may not be willing to face the truth. I think this is certainly the case for me in looking at my (lack of) “Nutritional Habits”.

I talked to my Endo about this, and he handed me a card. It said “Nutrition Counseling Services” and [...]

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As expected, my A1C was higher than I’m comfortable with – although not as high as I expected it to be. The result was 9.1, down from 9.2 three months ago. Faithful readers will remember that for my last visit in November, I thought I had been doing really well, and was caught [...]

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For Wil "PrintCrafter"!

On February 10, 2006 By

I got a great laugh out of a recent comment from Wil regarding my Aircraft Carrier Post.

He said:


I love this post, but it was chickensh** of you not to post a graph with your BG on it.

Come on, a blank graph???”

He has a good point, I [...]

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On February 8, 2006 By

Caro ‘cross the water over there at www.diabetes-wise.net has tagged me! I’m honored!

I was tagged before, many moons ago by Wil, but it was a bit different than this round – or … maybe this is the same round of tag that has mutated a bit since it [...]

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Evidence of a Lab Draw…

On February 7, 2006 By

I went in to the lab last Friday to have my labs drawn for my upcoming endo appointment. It went pretty good, nothing like one of my previous visits where nothing went as well as it should have.

I went first thing in the morning. Partially because that is when it was most [...]

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How often do you guys & gals have your feet examined?

I’m just thinking back, and it’s been years for me. I think that most endo’s would make it part of the routine for someone like me (approaching 26 years of D in April), and I’m a bit concerned that I’ll have to actually ask [...]

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Putting It Into Practice

On February 1, 2006 By

I think there are plenty of great ideas out there. Coming from so many different sources – books I read (or listen to), blog entries and comments, medical professionals or just plain intuition and luck.

The challenge comes in putting those ideas into practice in your everyday life.

An example. I see a therapist every [...]

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That is what the “target” BG range is like – landing on an aircraft carrier… in a storm… at night!

The “target” BG range is so narrow, compared to falling short (and crashing right into the aircraft carrier, sinking the ship in the process) or overshooting the strip (and falling somewhere in the sea of [...]

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