Rose Colored Glasses?

RoseI really don’t mean for all of my posts to be downers. Really. I’m (mostly) a very positive, upbeat, “cup half full”, “silver lining” type of guy. Really.

With that in mind it would seem that I should be posting very motivating, energetic and uplifting messages. And I would really like to. It’s just not where I’m at right now.

As I share with my wife some of the feedback and “honorable mentions” from others in the OC, she says “that’s great hon, you *should* post more”. I think about what I should write about. I struggle with topics and ideas. I struggle because they are just that – struggles.

Would it be fair if I took all of these things and painted them in some pretty picture? Do I need to try to put some artificially positive spin on each and everything I express here? I’m not going to do that.

This journal is as much for me as it is for all of you. I need some outlet to express myself. When I feel good about things you will have the opportunity to share that good feeling with me. When I’m feeling a bit crabby or depressed, guess what, you will have the opportunity to share that feeling with me too. I hereby promise to stay 100% true to myself, and will not try to artificially flavor anything one way or another. Love me or leave me.

I’m pretty sure I’m going through another level or cycle of acceptance, which would explain some of the recent hostility about it. It’s really been rubbing at me lately. I’m working through it though, and I can feel that I’m making progress.

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11 thoughts on “Rose Colored Glasses?

  1. Would it be fair if I took all of these things and painted them in some pretty picture? Do I need to try to put some artificially positive spin on each and everything I express here?

    I think that to sugarcoat things would be a waste of a damn good blog. I love the fact that we can be totally honest in our blogs, especially if sometimes we can’t express ourselves as easily with friends or relatives who just don’t ‘get it’. Keep up the fantastic blog. Good, bad or ugly, it’s the real you, and that’s the you we want to read about. We can get sugarcoated anywhere 🙂

  2. I have just found your blog and wow! I love it and can’t wait to read more. As the parent of a little boy with Type 1 I want to hear the good and the bad of your experiences. It does me no good to only be prepared for the happy moments. Thank you for putting your life out here like this. I appreciate it, whatever that is worth.


  3. Scott,

    Sugar-coating your life, your struggles, would do a disservice to yourself and your readers.

    Please, just keep writing from the heart.

    I (along with the rest of your readers) would expect nothing less.

  4. Scott I just started blogging not knowing what I was getting into and I starting to journal for myself and as I read back what I type I got the feeling oh boy what if people read this and are like this person is too negative but you know what your right ! this is for you to vent as is all of us so type away anything you feel and get it out you need to have an outlet to keep moving on and up in life 🙂

  5. Well, this will probably come as no surprise, but I think getting the darker stuff out there is essential. It creates balance. It’s also comforting: when writers like you acknowledge the darker aspects of your experience, I feel less alone in my own.

    Honesty all the way.

  6. Scott, you do a great job of getting your feelings out there. I appreciate reading your blog because I can identify with many of your frustrations as both a diabetic and a guy.

    IMO, trying to “program” your blog to appeal to people would only serve to water it down, and take away what makes it therepeutic, genuine and interesting.

  7. I agree with the masses: Write what moves you. It’s not about adhering to protocol (whatever that may be) or writing what you think people want to read. Write what you want to write about. And write it however you want.

    I’ll keep reading. And I’ll keep appreciating every word.

  8. Scott,
    I tell everyone: follow your heart!

    I love how you share your frustrations, and how Kerri, for example, writes beautifully about how her boyfriend makes her feel beautiful. My partner is my best friend and hero, but I’m just not the lyrical type. I’ve got the heart of a journalist. And we all have to follow our hearts!

  9. I’m with you Scott, it is difficult to come up with “interesting” topics for blogs. But, I for one, really enjoy the posts that express what you’re thinking and feeling. Don’t sensor yourself at all! My blog is called “Diabetes Diary” because I too view blogs as a journal for myself as much as for anyone else. Keep up the good work!

  10. Write what YOU want to write, not what you think other people want you to write.

    That’s the best way to do it IMO.