Does it Start with Logging?

When coming to a point where I realize my management needs a complete overhaul, where do I start? Just with logging things as they are today?

I haven’t done any logging for a long time, and a pattern has to really jump up and smack me in the face before I’ll notice it.

I’ve got a suspicion that my post meal readings spike up during the first couple hours, but sneak back down around three or four hours. I can’t prove that.

I think that I have a harder time managing my BG the first morning after I change out my infusion set every third day. I can’t prove that.

I think that those post meal spikes could be smoothed out with better food choices. I can’t prove that.

My point here is that I have a lot of areas for which I suspect I need changes or adjustments, but I have no data to back it up. I wonder why my A1C is so high, when I am probably averaging near 200 most of the time. I’m wondering why my weight is what it is, when I’m sure I’m eating more than I need to.


I’m going to go buy a rugged notebook. I want to have space to record not only the data points, but the reasons I behind the decisions made around those data points. I’m not happy with any of the computer or PDA software out there, and I’m not happy with any of the commercial log books that I’ve seen. Sure, I could adapt to any of them, but I don’t want to. I’m thinking just a regular notebook that is rugged enough to survive the daily trials of traveling with me. That will give me enough space to do what I want to do. Maybe I can also journal some thoughts there as well. The biggest challenge I can see is the simple fact of having it with me all the time.

But – I’ve learned to have my cell phone/PDA with me, and other things like that, so I’m sure I can train myself to do so with my notebook.

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