Evidence of a Lab Draw…

I went in to the lab last Friday to have my labs drawn for my upcoming endo appointment. It went pretty good, nothing like one of my previous visits where nothing went as well as it should have.I went first thing in the morning. Partially because that is when it was most convenient, but also because these tests required me to fast (which is easiest at night, while I sleep…). Once at the lab, the wait was longer than I hoped for (isn’t it always?) but I was back in the draw chair before too long. The poke was a piece of cake, and I was out of there within just a few minutes.

That was about 4 days ago.

Comic speech bubble with text that says "no image available"

I’m sorry – I lost this picture. Imagine a big bruise on my arm from the lab draw…


The draw itself was not bad, she did not have to “dig around” to get access or anything – overall it was a quick and easy poke. I think what caused the bruising was after she removed the needle and applied the gauze, she accidentally let up on it, releasing the pressure and letting some blood leak out under the skin. Looks nasty, but doesn’t hurt at all.

I’d like to hear about your laboratory experiences. No real reason to give us the lowdown on the good old boring stories – we want the bloody & gory stories.


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3 thoughts on “Evidence of a Lab Draw…

  1. Aside from being constantly dehydrated, I have pretty much been a hard stick most of my life. I usually give the person 3 tries before I strike them out. Fortunately, needles and labs do not scare me. After a usual morning of “Oh geeze. You forgot your veins today…” the lab tech gave up, and the doctor decided to draw from my foot. Oh joy.

  2. Z almost passed out last time too.

    He also wasn’t able to pee enough into the cup so my husband took him out to breakfast and then brought him back to the lab to add to the cup. UGH. That urine sample showed higher than normal protein so he did a 24 hour collection (talk about topping the bottle LOL). Thankfully the 24 hour urine showed everything is ok.

    After the last lab experience, I’m having a problem convincing him he has to go and have the latest labs done.

  3. I’m still a wimp at having my blood drawn! I have to lay down at the lap or else I’ll pass out for sure. I did about 6 months ago, when I was trying to sit up (thinking I’d overcome the fainting) NOPE! Completely out! It’s such a terrible feeling. Now they insist I lay down 🙂 I can’t think about what’s going on when they’re prepping the site or I’ll get really queasy. So, each visit to the lab is an “experience” for me, but I’m proud of myself each time I leave.