part of a clock face showing the second handThe non-diabetic body is always checking the blood sugar level and making little adjustments.

The most accurate way we have to express “always” would be to say once every second.

So there are 60 seconds in a single minute, and 60 minutes in each hour, and 24 hours in each day. That means that a non-diabetic body is checking and adjusting blood sugars and insulin levels more than 86,400 times every day.

It’s no wonder we have such a difficult time trying to manage this on anything less!

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3 thoughts on “86,400

  1. One day, we will look back on this time and the way we test as archaic. Hopefully, the cure won’t be far behind CGMS and other improvements.

  2. The human body is an amazing instrument. I took it for granted up until Brendon was diagnosed. Now I appreciate everything it does for us.