Favorite Fingers

My fingers which show a bunch of lancet marksThis is a picture of the fingertips on my right hand.

I think you can pretty easily pick out what fingers I use most for testing.

1) Ring finger
2) Followed closely by the middle finger
3) Then the pinky
4) and last but not least the index finger

I am a serious creature of habit when it comes to which fingers I like to poke. It’s a habit that is not too tough to break – but I find that I don’t usually have a compelling reason to change unless there’s something else making me change (switching meters, injury to a favorite finger or hand, etc.).

Once I change, I quickly develop new favorites, and stick with them until something else comes along again.

While the fingers look pretty beaten up, they are really not too calloused up or rough. They are not difficult to draw blood from, and the tips are still sensitive to touch and temperature, etc. But looking at fingers from my left hand and comparing them to my right, you can pick out the most poked at first glance. No contest.

Not only can you tell the favorites, but you can easily pick out the favorite areas of the favorite fingers!!

I guess that it is easy to understand why we develop habits like this, especially considering how many times per day we test.

Am I the only one who has favorite fingers to draw from? C’mon – fess up…

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