El Tagaroo!

Ryan over at Ryan Bruner’s blog has tagged me! Ryan – I’m honored!

There was a round of tag that worked it’s way through the OC last year, and I was bitten on or around December of 2005. Wow, that seems like EONS ago in blogtime doesn’t it?! I know that I personally got a kick out of reading all this stuff about people that you would never know about.

I am supposed to share five facts about myself, and then tag five other bloggers and challenge them to do the same.

Random Fact #1: I can’t spell. I am highly dependant on either the google toolbar’s spell check, the spell check in bloggers WYSIWYG post editor, and/or all the other spell checks that are available. In fact, if you watch closely, the blogs whose comments are in a “pop-up” window (which renders the google toolbar’s spell check useless) you will find many misspelled words.

Random Fact #2: I have trouble knowing when to use “effect” rather than “affect”. I look it up every time, think I understand it, then get frustrated and find some other way to say what I’m trying to say. I’m quite sure I’ve misused it many times before. Please call my attention to it when I do it again.

Random Fact #3: I can raise one eyebrow at a time. On both sides.

Random Fact #4: I still sleep with my “blanky”. I have had this thing for as longer than I can remember. It’s a (faded) yellow blanky, that used to have a velvet lining around the edges. I do not travel with it, but I fiercely defend it when I’m at home. I used to fight with my kids for it, but now they know better than to mess with it. When I can’t find it I will spend a significant amount of time looking for it before giving up and just going to bed. Angry.

Random Fact #5: I don’t fish. I hate the part about getting the live worm on the hook, and hate even more the part about having to get the live fish OFF the hook. I hate it. I am forced into uncomfortable situations because my six-year-old son likes to fish. You should see me out there – like a little pansy. Gloves on and everything. Squirming around with a grossed out look on my face, trying not to puke, as I’m trying to rip the fish hook out of a fish or stick some poor squiggly worm onto the hook. I figure another summer or two and my son will tire of his squeamish dad and do it all himself out of sheer frustration.

I can not possibly keep track of who has or has not been tagged yet, so if I’m re-tagging you, I apologize… Here are the folks I Tag:

Art-Sweet at Art-Sweet
ada/birdie at aiming for grace
Heidi at In Search of Balance
Minnesota Nice at PurpleHaze
Hannah at Dorkabetic


I know it can be kind of a weird thing, so don’t feel pressured to participate. But you will spend some time in the official OC doghouse if you choose not to play along. C’mon – you can do it…

And with that – I officially declare “no tagbacks”!

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