The OC New Me Challenge

Do you all know about “The OC New Me Challenge“?

If not, you should. And you’ll need to get to it quickly – the last day for registration is tomorrow, January 7, 2007.

Here’s the deal. We all have some goal we would like to achieve in 2007 regarding our weight, our A1C, or both. Allison has put together The OC New Me Challenge.

You set a goal or two, back up your commitment with some greenbacks (cash), and check in regularly along the year. If you meet your goals you get your cash back (with the possibility of getting MORE cash than you sent in!). Along the way you are encouraged by benchmark rewards and drawings for things like books, CD’s, gift cards, etc. It also sounds like Allison is pulling together some experts to inform us and offer advice through the website periodically too. How much more can you ask for?!

I like the fact that it’s a year long. This gives you time to make lifestyle changes rather than drastic and possibly unhealthy radical changes. I like the fact that I’m accountable and have to check in regularly. I like the idea of little rewards and prizes along the way. I like the idea that we have yet another way to pull together and encourage, challenge, and support each other.

There is really no good reason for you not to join the challenge.

Me? I’m in for $100 big ones. About 50lbs and 1.5 points in my A1C.

Here’s to a NEW ME and a NEW YOU in 2007!

Me and G-Money are going to figure out some kind of virtual “workout buddy” program or something. 🙂

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