Questions for the Almighty Blogosphere

Please know, that in my mind the OC knows everything.

With that being said, I have a couple questions I would like to ask. This is the kind of stuff that rolls around my brain sometimes.

1) I eat two things. One item is very quick to digest, the other is very slow. What happens? Does it digest at a mixed speed – like the quick is speeding up the slow and the slow is slowing down the quick? Or does it digest in the order it was eaten?

I would think that it kind of all gets mixed up in my stomach. The slow stuff slowing down the digestion of the faster stuff. But what about when you eat something like ice cream, go low, eat some glucose tabs, and have your BG come back up? Shouldn’t the ice cream slow the glucose tabs?

2) This question comes from one of my favorite co-workers. What is with having to calibrate your glucose meters? I mean, I have done it for always. As long as I can remember. And I know that if you don’t have it calibrated correctly, that the results can be inaccurate.

But why? Is it something about the chemical process? What is it about the process that requires us to put in the code, or the chip, or the calibration strip?

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