It’s like "MySpace" on insulin…

Hey all,

If you haven’t already, go check out

This is a really fun site created by Manny Hernandez – he describes it as “a social network for people touched by diabetes”.

Screenshot of Homepage

So far it has been a fun way to get connected in a slightly different way than with our blogs.

Thanks Manny!

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11 thoughts on “It’s like "MySpace" on insulin…

  1. Lili:
    I left you a comment on your blog with a couple of alternatives, for you to try. Please keep me posted.

    You need to be a part of TuDiabetes!

  2. Strange Lili – I’ve sent Manny a message through the site to see if he can help out. I assume that you’ve tried since then too? I’ve seen a bunch of people join the site lately.

    Watch for a comment from him to your blog or on here to initiate the communication.