One, two, three, four…


That might be one of the things that bothers me most.

We’re always counting. And it bothers me.

There is some very primal feeling of restriction when you have to count everything that goes into your mouth.

I want to be able to eat stuff and not count a single piece of anything.

’nuff said.

Now where’s that meal plan…

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15 thoughts on “One, two, three, four…

  1. I think some part of me is really sick of counting, or doesn’t like the idea that I have to count everything, and so that’s what makes me rebel. And not count everything all the time, or at least not right (I only need 2.0 units because I only ate one serving of wheat thins… riiiight, an hour later at 340).

    But part of me likes it, or is addicted to it. I am a numbers person and I like science and medicine, so I think sometimes that helps me to be interested/entertained rather than frustrated or overwhelmed with everything.

    But I don’t like that I like counting so much. And that it spirals, from the necessary carb counting into calorie counting too, despite all of my thoughts and speech about positive body image and being proud to be fat.

  2. It is so aggravating to constantly have to count, measure, think of the right food, etc. Being spontaneous is out of the question LOL. On top of that since I’m still on MDI until my pump arrives I must give injections at what seems like everytime I turn around. Between shots, meals, snacks, tests, etc I don’t know how I have time to get any work done. However, it is the life I am forced to live so the alternative is far worse so I guess I will just muddle along 🙂


  3. AMEN! Counting….that would be one thing that I don’t miss if there is ever a cure. Carbs, numbers, fats, A1c’s…. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somedays it is more than I want to handle.

  4. I’m also sick of counting down. 5-4-3-2-1 waiting for a test result.

    Let’s see about 30 seconds per test X eight tests per day X 365 days per year.

    Gasp, that’s 24 hours a year where we’re just testing our blood sugar.

  5. I feel cheated. I have to divide by 10. I’d like to get math practice but just dealing with powers of 10 is too easy. Okay, I know I’m lucky. I tip my hat to those of you who have to deal with anything other than dividing by ten.

  6. Anonymous –
    Isn’t divided by 15 the greatest thing ever?!?
    My mind immediately pictures a giant clock every time!

  7. I wish I would have paid more attention in math class…but I know what the answer is to anything divided by 15.

  8. Eating lunch with my co-workers I often find myself saying – “hold on a second, I can’t do this and talk to you at the same time.” This = testing, counting up the carbs in my sack lunch, and dialing it up on the pump.

    I’ve only been doing this for 5ish years, and I don’t remember what a normal meal time looks like anymore.

  9. I’ve found that I choose a lot of food items with the carb counts already listed, i.e., Lean Cuisines, etc. Makes my lunch postprandials just wonderful! Anything that’ll do the counting for me 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about you since last night when we started getting all the news about the bridge collapse. I hope you didn’t lose anyone in the tragedy. Your community is in my thoughts and prayers Scott.

  10. Horrible relentless counting.

    Carbs… Units…

    And numbers… Oh, the numbers…

    Good, bad, totally ugly… BG values and A1Cs and I:C ratios and factors…

    Horrible relentless counting.

    I agree, Scott, it sucks.

  11. More than all the counting, its the relentlessness of it … knowing you’ll have to do it for as long as you’re on earth. And they wonder why we are more likely to suffer from clinical depression?! Then again, Lilly sells Prozac, too!

  12. I’m glad you posted. I was a little worried when I saw the news about the bridge collapse.

    I find it highly ironic that the math idiot (me) has to deal with all these numbers now. It’s easier now with the pump, but still. The numbers. I feel like The Count, bwa-ha-ha!