A Picture, An Announcement, and A Tool I Can Use!

The Picture

WherestheOtherHalf 007
I totally picture some sluff sleeping on the job at one of those pill separator contraptions. I don’t mind a busted up pill, but please include BOTH HALVES!

The Announcement
Gina over at DTF asked me to spread the word on a very cool chat they have scheduled for this approaching Sunday evening. Dr. Robert Elliot will be the special guest and he will be talking about Porcine Cell Transplantation. Please do go check out the details at http://www.diabetestalkfest.com/!
The Tool
There’s this little website called Calorie King. You may not have heard of it before. That is unless you (or a loved one) lives with diabetes!! Calorie King is, by far, the best resource I have found for carbohydrate counts on almost any food item you can think of. It is a fantastic website that you can search for a food item that you want details on (carb grams for example). It rocks.
Very cool. Unless you are out and about with no computer. I’ve actually got a few of their small and portable books stashed in strategic locations – but I rarely have one with me when I need it. The other downside to the printed media is that when new foods hit the streets, they will not be in the book until the next edition. New foods appear in their main, web “searchable”, database very quickly. Cheesy Tots for example.
I’ve been pestering them for a couple of years to update their very old and outdated pocket pc software, but they never acknowledged any real efforts to update it. Now I see why.
Enter “CalorieKing Mobile“! Yes – that’s right MOBILE!! Now with any web enabled cell phone (or Pocket PC!) I can now search the vast (over 50,000 items) food database and get accurate carb counts on my food items. I just have to point my mobile browser at http://mobile.calorieking.com/ and I am presented with a screen that allows me to search the database. I can also log in to my member account (which I will now renew!) and use it to keep track of my total calorie balance (calories in / calories out) per day.
I’m personally very excited about this, and am glad that CalorieKing has made a tool that can keep us in charge of our foods where we most often need them most. Good stuff CK, good stuff.
Did I mention that searching the food database is completely free? How cool is that.
They have the best database around, and everyone can use it completely free. There are charges to take advantage of their other helpful services (CK University, tracking daily nutrients, etc), but they are really well worth the price they are asking. Go check it out.

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12 thoughts on “A Picture, An Announcement, and A Tool I Can Use!

  1. We dont use that us much as we should. Since Emma eats like a bird we are pretty good right now. But i have now got it on my faves on my blackberry and will use it more now that Emma is growing.
    Now my blackberry will really be my crackberry with my sports scores, and now counting carbs…yikes.

  2. Do we really want to know the numbers on Cheesy Tots? (I think not.)
    I also love Calorie King, especially for the obscure stuff.
    I used to use the USDA’s “nutritional content of foods” site, but it was hard to wade through.
    Each thing that makes our db lives easier is something to celebrate.

  3. Sadly, it’s still cheaper for me to pay for Calorie King on my Palm than to pay for data charges. Still, it always gets updated and I use it every day.

  4. Scott-
    I love Calorie King too! The mobile part seems cool… I’d love to have that info at my fingertips when I’m out and about.

  5. Thanks Scott for the info on CalorieKing. This might actually make me break down and get a phone that can do mobile web browsing.

    The Animas pump has the Calorie King database built into it, but I’ll bet it’s always a little behind. Still it’s pretty handy.

  6. Hmmm….I don’t know what I’m more exicted about–a new blog post from you or the Calorie King info. I love Calorie King, but in Taiwan it’s not as useful. I’ll definitely keep in as an online resource, though.

    Thanks for passing along the info and for commenting on my blog. 🙂