Quotes, Motivational Messages, and Practical Jokers…

I work in a typical cube farm. It’s a big workspace with probably a few hundred people, all separated into little “cubes”.

One awesome lady has a dry erase board on the outside wall of her cube. She will put up quotes or motivational messages that I really enjoy.

Every once in a while someone else will take it upon themselves to add a funny anecdote or smart assy remark to the message.

I simply could not resist snapping a phone camera pic of this one…



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7 thoughts on “Quotes, Motivational Messages, and Practical Jokers…

  1. I like that. The past few days for me, I certainly would have turned into food. I have been hungry for days. It’s horrible!

  2. At least I know it wasn’t you. If it was it would have said “Cheesy Tots!”

    FYI my word verification is MMMMGAAG

    LMAO that is awesome!