It seems almost magical

I had a pretty interesting Symlin experience this morning.

I was running late.  I played basketball last night, was still tired, and slept in a bit longer than I should have.  Once I woke up, I was moving really slowly.  “Dragging Ass” as they say.

As reality started to set in, I had to hustle up and get moving.  I still had to wrangle up the kiddos and get them in the car (no small feat as any parents out there will attest to).

To make a long story short(er), I left the house without eating breakfast and was hungry.

Burger King Cheesy TotsI used all of the above as an attempt to justify some Cheesy Tot Goodness at Burger King (side note: has anyone else seen the BK commercial with the dude’s mattress talking to him?).

I dropped the kids off with my dad, and had my mind set on some Cheesy Tots.  I took my Symlin bolus as I got in the car and took off towards a nearby Burger King.   It took about 5-10 minutes to get there.  Once I got in the parking lot I remembered I had to make a phone call.  I ended up being on the phone longer than I thought, and by the time I got off it had been a solid 30 minutes since taking the Symlin.

You know what? I wasn’t hungry anymore.

The Cheesy Tots that I had been drooling over for the last hour didn’t even sound good anymore.  In fact, they sounded so “not good” that I wasn’t even interested in them.

So I left, completely in awe of the power of this hormone that I’ve been missing for so long.

(Please people, do NOT follow my example and skip breakfast.  It is bad, bad, bad for you.  Shame on me)

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15 thoughts on “It seems almost magical

  1. Hi Scott
    welcome to DD (this may be late I only just saw you are here now..
    I really enjoy your blog and am glad you had this experience with symlin…
    Good food IS good.. it just takes a while to get rid of the old ideas of good.. I recently had pizza (prolly 2nd time in4 years..and it was pap… had to just chew the topping off.. VOLUNTARILY…lol…
    I have been following you for quite a while and jab it in man! it’s good for ya!

  2. Scott – I’m glad Symlin is working so well for you. A friend of mine used it for a while. But it made her extremely nauseated. She lost weight – but in a bad way. So she had to stop taking it. I guess it’s like anything else & affects different people in different ways. Apparently, it’s working well for you. That’s great!

  3. Scott
    I’m glad this works for you. With my CGM I can see what happens after a shot of Symlin. In my case I see my blood sugar start to drop within 10 minutes of a Symlin shot. Even without any bolus insulin on board.
    If I wait too long to eat after taking Symlin I can get really horrible lows. I also can’t take insulin except on a really extended delivery.
    What I’m recommending is that you figure out what Symlin does for you before experimenting with it too much. When it works it’s just great. When it doesn’t the lows are hard to handle.

  4. Kathy – maybe we are some sort of offshoot of orthorexic who focus strictly on carb count and GI rating! Ha!
    Nicole – I promise I’ll answer questions on that stuff in some very near future posts.
    JB & Elizabeth – I woke up with a BG of 179 mg/dl, and took a full correction dose. That was at about 7:15 AM. The “Cheesy Tot Turnaround” was at about 8:45 AM or so. I got to work about 25 minutes later, tested my BG and was at 124 mg/dl. I was at a cool 103 mg/dl a little while through my lunchtime basketball, and hadn’t eaten anything or taken any additional insulin.
    G-Money & Hannah – you two know what an amazing feat this was for me. I was IN THE PARKING LOT and didn’t go in. A-freakin’-mazing.

  5. You just made me want Cheesy Tots and I’ve never had them before 🙂 How were your numbers after not eating? I am not too familiar with how Symlin works.

  6. mmmm cheesy tots.
    that commercial is funny and skipping breakfast is bad but this was very interesting.
    thanks for sharing dude.
    mmmm cheesy tots!

  7. Oh, the power of it… Any bg impacts at all of having Symlin with no carbs? I know it is not recommended if carbs are less than 30.

  8. LOL – that commercial is funny… “Don’t touch me!!!”
    I’m so glad it’s working for you, Scott. I didn’t have such good luck with it. Of course, my post prands were less of an issue than the amount I weighed at the time – I was using it for the weight loss side effect… It was helpful, but even on a tiny dose (2 units) I kept having horrible lows…
    Pumping maybe made the difference? Where do you put the extra pump? What kind of pump do you use? Did you have an extra/did you get another for this purpose? I know you answered a bunch of questions – can you answer these too?
    Thanks! Nicole