Back to Work, Back to Routine

This week I had to come back to work after two weeks of wonderful vacation around the holidays.

We got the kids a couple nice things for Christmas without going into debt, which is awesome, but left us very broke for the remainder of our time off.  We couldn’t afford to travel, or even do anything local that cost much.  But it felt good just being together.

Though I really enjoyed being able to stay up late and sleep in late, there is a large part of me that is happy to get back to the routine of my workday.

As much as we talk about the flexibility and freedom that the basal/bolus insulin therapy offers (which I believe it does), a routine just makes everything much easier for me.

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6 thoughts on “Back to Work, Back to Routine

  1. I think I have stated this before, but I told my husband that I can never retire because my bgs are so much better when I am sitting at a cube at work. Vacations and weekends do me in. Never to retire, boohoo!!:(

  2. I’ve come to mostly accept that I function so much better with routine and structure, but I have yet to learn to actually like it. If my BG’s would hurry and snap back into shape, that would help a lot, but so far it isn’t happening the way I wanted. Ugh…

  3. I also like being back in the routine. The hard part for me was the fact that since I was ‘away’ for two weeks I had no groceries when I got home. And who wants to think about THAT their first day back?!

  4. I am the opposite. I HATE routine–one of the reasons D is so hard for me (pump has made it easier)…going back to work after the hoiliday just reminds me how much I hate routine and feel smothered by it.
    And while routine does make the D easier to manage–it drives me crazy,so I try,butthe schedule/routine thing is very hard for me–very frustrating…

  5. I was thinking the same thing on Sunday night before coming back to school on Monday. Same as you…I love breaks and having time to relax, but the routine is what keeps me sane. Eating at different times, eating different foods just adds to the tricky diabetes management.