I’m (hoping to be) a Big Loser!

Hi folks, here’s another amateur vlog talking about the “Biggest Loser, D-Style” group that Landileigh has put together.  Let’s GO!

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7 thoughts on “I’m (hoping to be) a Big Loser!

  1. I am really rooting for you guys! I also think you are all incredibly brave. It’s hard enough to be honest with myself about my weight, let alone in a public forum. I do think it is a great way to approach a healthy change, after all there is no better support than friends.
    That being said, as long as Whopper Jr. is pimping himself out for a buck, I am a Burger King fan.

  2. HAhahaHAaAHAHAHAHaAHaha The wink killed me!
    I also took a digger on the OC new me thing. I am hoping since this is no real contest and we have to check in each week, it will hopefully get me to make changes a littler easier.
    In other words if this week I lets say gain a pound (like I did) then I can look back to this last week easily and see what I did or did not do. Then this week I can try something different. I will know in a week if it works and if so then I will keep on with it.
    I am in dude and I am happy you are too. We are the only dudes in the group!

  3. Scott –
    I meant to put my previous comments on the Biggest Loser vlog instead of the JDF one below. Yikes! I need to pay closer attention next time. LOL