Wayback Wednesday – That’s All Folks!


Picture of my hand with a BG line chart in the backgroundUnfortunately I don’t have anymore “un-blogger” blog posts to share.  Everything else I have written is online either here or at my old blogger home.

I have enjoyed sharing this old stuff with everyone over the past couple of months. It was pretty neat getting to peak inside my brain as of six to nine years ago.  It has also been kind of scary seeing that I’m still fighting some of the same issues I was fighting back then.

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7 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday – That’s All Folks!

  1. hi everyone. i thought you’d like to see something my daughter just sent me. it’s a video link for people like me who are on medicare and have diabetes. i don’t know about you, but all those other commercial make me feel like i did something wrong. this one is so cute. they treat us like its no big deal.

  2. I love the Wayback posts. When I look back at my old posts it seems like I am spinning my wheels so I understand what you mean.
    Pull from the old blog dude. I love WW!

  3. I also liked Wayback Wednesday, and agree with Sara that pulling from the other blog would be great.
    As for the issue of fighting the same issues… well, I figure that’s the nature of the beast, but that doesn’t mean that once you talk about any particular issue, it isn’t worth revisiting. I think there’s great value in that actually.

  4. I think most of us would like to re-read some of your favorite posts from your other blog too! I say keep Wayback Wednesdays going with some of the classics!

  5. Thanks for summing it up:
    “…..kind of scary seeing that I’m still fighting some of the same issues I was fighting back then.”
    I totally agree with you with karend1.
    We fight the same issues with no solution or rather none that works, yet….frustrating, no doubt.
    Hope things are going well.

  6. The same issues is what scares me as well, but I loved revisiting your old posts, in a way it made my diabetic life seem normal and helped me to realize I am not alone in my struggles. I often feel like I don’t know what the f**k I am doing and then I realize diabetes is a new experience every day and no two days are the same.