Just a Quick Update – VLOG Style

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14 thoughts on “Just a Quick Update – VLOG Style

  1. I am working 11 hours/week, yet I too am finding myself really busy – which is good. Most of what seems to be keeping me busy is being in front of the computer though – blogging, twittering, facebooking, looking for jobs. I need to follow your lead, and get out for some walks since the weather is nicer. I’m glad you’re cruising along and doing well with everything despite being in the midst of a job search. Your positive attitude about it is definitely a good influence on me.

  2. I turned on the FLASHLIGH, saw a VLOG from Scottie…WOOT! glad to see you maxin, relaxin, shooting b-ball and still drinking diet coke…hahaha
    Stay positive and things will work out:)

  3. Hey Scott-
    Nice to see you vlogging!
    As a teacher who has summers off…I can totally relate to being more busy than when working full time.!
    Glad to hear you’re able to walk and enjoy the nice(r) weather.
    Thanks for the update!

  4. So nice to hear from you Scott, and your positive attitude always inspires me.
    I received some rough news yesterday and your upbeat attitude always helps me!!
    Your friend,

  5. So good to see you again!!! I’m glad you are doing well – and good going on the basketball and walking. Sending positive job energies to ya!!

  6. Hey there – get your kayak out on the river. I always find that sitting near or on the river, even if it’s looking down from the Lake Street Bridge, helps me get things in order.
    Did you ever get to make up that outing with the kids that got canceled due to the hypo?
    I live about 1.5 blocks from Lake of the Isles. Every year, there is at least one episode of a mother duck with several ducklings following her that has lost her bearings and is out walking on the street, trying to get back to the water. Last year a neighbor of mine said, “I’ll grab the mother – I know how to handle poultry – you get the babies”, and so with a lot of Laurel and Hardy antics, and my laundry basket, we were able to get the brood back to the lake. ………it’s touch being a model citizen…..sigh……spring in Minnesota.

  7. Your Minnesotan roots are currently showing 😉 Glad to hear that the job transition isn’t getting you down at all – best of luck in the process of finding a new one.
    Take care,