Do You Bolus for Protein?

I have heard from two different groups of people on this one.  One group that does not bolus for protein at all, and another who boluses for a portion of their protein.

Somewhere in the big “diabetes info” vault of my brain, I think I can recall something about 60% of the protein you eat gets metabolized into carbs over an extended period.  Does that sound familiar to anyone?

When you eat a meal with a lot of protein, do you find your blood sugars go up much later?  I do.  I think that I need to experiment with bolusing for a portion of the protein, and running that bolus over an extended time.

So, now the meal math gets even more complex (because more complication in my life is exactly what I need, right?).  So we’ve got X% of the protein grams, bolused for over X amount of time, then 100% of the carb grams (minus fiber, if that’s your thing too), plus or minus some insulin based on your current blood sugar.

Is it worth it?

What do you do?

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Scott K. Johnson

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