Do you bolus for protein?

I have heard from two different groups of people on this one.  One group that does not bolus for protein at all, and another who boluses for a portion of their protein.

Somewhere in the big “diabetes info” vault of my brain, I think I can recall something about 60% of the protein you eat gets metabolized into carbs over an extended period.  Does that sound familiar to anyone?

When you eat a meal with a lot of protein, do you find your blood sugars go up much later?  I do.  I think that I need to experiment with bolusing for a portion of the protein, and running that bolus over an extended time.

So, now the meal math gets even more complex (because more complication in my life is exactly what I need, right?).  So we’ve got X% of the protein grams, bolused for over X amount of time, then 100% of the carb grams (minus fiber, if that’s your thing too), plus or minus some insulin based on your current blood sugar.

Is it worth it?

What do you do?

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Fat does not undergo gluconeogenesis. That is, fats are NOT “metabolized” into carbohydrates. Proteins, however, are.


My BG goes up when I eat protein only. Been fighting with my DE about this for years. For me there’s evidence. For others, maybe not. The DE is finally convinced!
If your BG doesn’t go up with a couple of eggs, or a steak, then don’t bolus. That’s easy, isn’t it?
I’m also one who goes high during exercise, contrary to what most books say. I have to raise my bolus, and then 6 hours later, lower it or watch for lows.
Everyone’s different.

Laura Bennett

I wish I were a mathematician and that what worked one day would work again the next day! That’s not too much to ask is it?
Honestly, I guess a lot. And usually I get high after pizza. I’ve given up on burritos, but I just can’t give up pizza. Every now and then it’s worth the high bs.
But my mind is still spinning… Let me know if you find something that works!

I am not very senstitive to insulin, and I sure do need to bolus for protein – especially if the meal is low carb and I eat a good amount of protein. I find that chicken hits me at 7 hours pp and steak hits me harder and later, at 8-9 hours. With no bolus, and a steak-only meal, a large ribeye can send me from 100 to 300. So I don’t do a dual wave, I actually do a regular bolus later on. I don’t do a percentage but bolus 1:10 on grams of protein if I have a… Read more »

My BG is not affected enough to cover with insulin when I eat just a steak or a couple tablespoons of PB.