It’s Amazing Really…

I had a low blood sugar.  I’m recovering and am starting to feel better.  I exercised incredible restraint in how I treated it, but still managed to eat at least two full meals worth of stuff.

While vacuuming down all of this food, I kept saying “Hang tight Scott, you don’t need much”.  That kept me from going ape shit and eating everything I wanted to, but it was a LOT of work.

How can a person feel so… hungry?  But “hungry” isn’t really the right word for it, is it?  Because it is not a hunger that comes from your stomach.  It is coming from somewhere else, and it is powerful.


As I sit here typing this, my stomach is all bloated, and I feel pretty miserable.  Not to mention wiped out from the low (thankfully sleep is right around the corner).  I have a gross taste in my mouth from all of the mish-mash stuff I ate (none of the things “go together”), and I’m a bit sick thinking about all that varied stuff in my stomach.  Like, handfuls of dry breakfast cereal do NOT go well with Velveeta cheese sandwiches dipped in ketchup.

It is absolutely mind blowing to me just how strong the urges to eat are when I’m dealing with a low.  It is like there is no stopping them.  I am in AWE of folks who can treat smartly and wait to feel better.

I’ve talked about this so many times before. Why is it such an issue for me?  Is it just me?  Logically I know that I will be fine with just a little bit of stuff (glucose tablets, juice, food, whatever).  Physically I think I am going to die in the next 3 minutes if I don’t cram more food in my mouth.  Even when my brain is screaming “NO, NO, NO!!”, it is damn near impossible to slow it down.

How many of you out there can treat smart and wait?  How many of you might be more like me, and can’t stop the urges to eat?  Please let us know, and if you are in the “treat smart & wait” crowd, what’s your secret?

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Scott K. Johnson

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