Slow Down?

Back in the day, I could read ALL of the diabetes related blog posts in a couple hours.  Now?  I can’t read all of the diabetes related blog posts no matter how much time I have.  There are just too many out there.

I think it is so great to have so many of us all sharing our stories and perspectives on living with diabetes.  It is hard living with diabetes.  But we somehow find a way to share the difficulty in creative ways, and we capitalize on the times we can laugh and smile about it.  It is fantastic!

These days I seem to only find small pockets of time to read blogs.  When I do, I try to catch up on as many as I can.  Today I was reading entries from Rachel over on her “Tales of my Thirties” blog.  I was reading and commenting and reading and commenting.  Rachel even tweeted about my flurry of comments!

But, I was stopped in my tracks.  Apparently WordPress didn’t agree with my blog reading strategy…

You are posting comments too quickly. Slow Down

It says “You are posting comments too quickly.  Slow down.”  It’s surely some sort of protection to help prevent robot spammers from blasting a given blog with spam comments.  But I swear I laughed out loud when it popped up on my screen!

They don’t know that Rachel, with your help, is helping others.  So, after a short break, I’m going to go back and read and comment some more!  You should too.

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