Where The Hell Is My Insulin?!

Missing-HumalogI hate when I take some insulin to bring down a high, and when I check two or three hours later I am exactly where I was when I started.  It’s like “what happened to that insulin I took?”

I know that I must have been rising, and the insulin curbed the rise (or I went higher and came back down again).  But at first glance it just seems like that insulin I took disappeared.

This type of thing is really scary when the amount of insulin taken is a LOT (relative to my daily dose).

Or (has this ever happened to you?) I bolus for a snack, then something happens and I don’t eat, but never go low?  What the heck?  Does that mean I would have been super high if I would have eaten that snack? Makes me scratch my noggin sometimes.

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9 thoughts on “Where The Hell Is My Insulin?!

  1. Great topic Scott – I wonder if there’s a website anywhere that shows a graph of blood sugar readings over time from a CGM along with the exact foods a person ate & insulin basal/bolus that caused numbers to push higher/lower, possibly even with notes from a MD.
    That would interest me- to see where it is that even the doctor is looking at the numbers, the food and meds and saying, what the heck?!

  2. Happens to me all the time, you are not alone. 🙁
    What you did yesterday does not work today.
    I went high yesterday on that meal, so I will bolus a little more for the same meal today and an incredible low.
    I do know this if you are over 200 you need more than the correction bolus than if you are at 160-180, well most times. 😉
    Ooooo and remember you are set up with different basal rates and bodily needs throughout the day, don’t forget that!!! 😛
    Throw in some hormones and you are totally screwed.
    Did I use enough smiley faces for you??

  3. OH yes, the mysteries! Yesterday I ate lunch, usual carbs, usual bolus. went to an appointment and the CGM indicated I was lurching upwards so I gave myself a counter bolus to cover that rise, an hour later I was skyrocketed upwards – WTF? so I bolused again. Twenty minutes later on the bus home I’m shaking like a leaf – not a doubt in my mind that my blood sugar was scary low but not according to my CGM that read at 285 – didn’t care what that machine said I knew I was getting in trouble so I ate copious amounts of glucose. got home, took a metered blood check and that read 63. OMG! turns our the acetaminin I had taken at lunch for some muscle pain completely compromised the CGM. How much fun – if it’s not one thing it’s another, bad insulin, bad glucose monitor, gasteoparisis, alien abduction? Who knows sometimes?

  4. Bro- I feel your pain! I can’t stand it. It seems to happen when I decide to splurge on carbs. I go to sleep at 230 after some yummie cheesecake. I bolus. A few hours later…219. Where’s the insulin when you really need it kick in?

  5. Oh yes. I’ve gone so far as to roll the bottle like it’s the old Lente stuff, wondering if that will help!
    I think in the Lost Sock Abyss, there is gonna be a boatload of insulin from all our mystery boluses!

  6. I know the feeling; but it drives absolutely me nuts that we really have no way of knowing exactly how much to dose for the correction, so much for the mantra of how controllable type 1 diabetes is!