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Thursday 5/13 – To carb or not to carb. Today let’s blog about what we eat. And perhaps what we don’t eat. Some believe a low carb diet is important in diabetes management, while others believe carbs are fine as long as they are counted and bolused for. Which side of the fence do you fall on? What kind of things do you eat for meals and snacks? What foods do you deem bolus-worthy? What other foodie wisdom would you like to share?”
Short and sweet for me tonight folks.  It’s late, I’m tired, and this is a sore subject for me.Ok, here’s the deal.  I am absolutely addicted to carbohydrates.  I eat weird (aka – all carbs), and I’m trying to change.  I have been trying to change for as long as I can remember.  But it is hard.  It is very hard.  I don’t like meat, I don’t like veggies, I don’t like fruit.  That leaves carbs.  My eating habits are awful, and I’ve written about it many times before.

I KNOW THIS MAKES INFLUENCING MY DIABETES HARDER – but I still find it so difficult to change.

I can pull of magical numbers, when I don’t eat.

It’s when I eat, and drop a big old carb bomb down the chute, that things get crazy.  Symlin helps take the edge off the spikes, and it helps me eat less, but it’s a hard medicine to use regularly.  But I’m trying.

I’m trying.

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