Put ’em On Blast – Things That Make Me Mad

I normally wouldn’t do this sort of thing, but I’m really bothered by this.  I also know that we’re dealing with “The Internet”, things like this are to be expected.  But I don’t have to be happy about it.

Early in September I got an e-mail notice about a new twitter follower.  When I get these notices I like to investigate a little bit.  I need to decide if I want to “follow back” or not.

With a twitter handle of “@diabetesfact”, and a large number of followers, I expected good content and a high level of interaction (usually the signs of someone worth following back).

But something just wasn’t right.  There was no interaction or conversations, only a long stream of link pushing.  That alone is reason enough to not follow back.

See this?  It’s all push, push, push.  No talk, no interaction, no conversations, no replies.  Signs of something fishy, or someone who isn’t doing twitter right (in my opinion).

And that picture?  She’s a little too polished.  Some model picture or something from a magazine, maybe more likely some picture yanked from some other website.

Speaking of websites, I checked out the website in her twitter profile, which is also the same one she’s pushing in all of her tweets.  Very fishy, but I’ll get into that in a second.

I used twitter to ask Joan if she was a real person:

No response.  So I asked again a couple of days later:


Let’s take a quick peek at her website.

A bunch of advertisements and links for Amazon affiliate diabetes products and books.  Almost every “blog post” either has comments turned off, or exactly 5 comments.  The fake comments all link back to the Amazon product page, but are staged to look like real people commenting (some say good things, some bad).

It’s really a pretty elaborate scheme to get advertising revenue and affiliate money.  And it pisses me off, so I’m putting them on blast.

Living with diabetes is challenging enough.  We don’t need to deal with having to sort through crappy internet money-making schemes, snake-oil salespeople, or false hopes.

I have no problem with you selling diabetes related stuff.  Just be transparent about it.  Don’t try to come off as someone trying to share valuable information about diabetes, and shame on them for taking up a twitter name such as “diabetesfact.”

The sad thing? They’ve got more and more followers every day.

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13 thoughts on “Put ’em On Blast – Things That Make Me Mad

  1. Hi Scott. Thanks for speaking what I’m sure we all often feel. I wonder how you deal with the link spammers posting on Twitter or elsewhere about “I thought you might want to know about this” (link to magical organic cure for diabetes!) it makes me furious and I typically delete and block the heck outta them. Am I overreacting?

    • Hi Lumi! Nope, not overreacting at all in my opinion. Especially when you can see from their timeline that it looks like a spambot that is just spewing the same links and trash over and over again, just do whatever you have to do so you don’t see it. It’s not even worth the brain cells necessary to process the incoming visual information. 🙂

  2. Amen Scott…I unfollowed her/or whatever it was or is… too after seeing all kinds on fishy stuff….I am seeing more and more of folks lurking under legitimate names and coming back with all kinds of cheesy sales sites. …that are in no way related.
    As Jeff Foxworthy puts it………..Did I ask for an Apple Pie?
    I dont wanna pay you for twitter followers, I dont need SEO, I’m not looking for teeth whiteners, I dont want a free I-Phone, I dont expect to reverse my diabetes, blah blah blah blah….
    Whoops sorry, It has definitely become an advertising blast-fest that now requires one to be careful….. more and more

  3. yeah, I’m leary of following new people too..because of that very reason. Some of them are really difficult to tell, because its 90% links with the occasional “I feel your pain” tweet.

  4. I had the same experience with this ‘person’. When I get a Twitter invite I first look at the tweets, and then the website. If it’s cluttered with ads, I immediately either block the twitter account or mark it as spam.
    One reason I started the diabetes search tool [need a better name for it] was because you get so many crappy sites (like the one you mention) when you search for diabetes related things. Since I’ve looked at each site and made a judgment call on its quality, I believe the search result quality is better and much more likely to be useful. I just wish more people knew about it.

  5. I HATE those… But you know what’s even WORSE??? One of those fake sites that is stealing your online work. That’s what I am battling now, and have modified my RSS amounts because of it but not getting anywhere yet in having the unauthorized reposts of my stuff taken down. I’m about to write my own blast on this one… Anyhow. Thanks for posting this, Scott, and doing us all a service. This internet stuff is still Wild Westy, but some of this crap is common sense and shouldn’t be done. Makes me very mad. Grr… This gives me something to stew about when I’m sitting in the dental chair for a couple hours today getting tortured (er, “treated”)
    On a more positive note, though: Go Team Ninjabetic!!! Woo Hoo!

  6. UGH!!!! I’m still trying to get the hang of Twitter….I’m a work in Twit Progress 🙂
    But I agree….especially with a name like that….great job for doing some investigative work. I’ll have to check my followers!