Bret Michaels Pays For Camp!

Bret Michaels & Tami

I recently got an email from my brother-in-law. He wanted to share a fun story about Bret Michaels and his generosity around supporting diabetes.

This is Tammy. Tammy is married to my BIL’s boss, Jason. Tammy and Jason’s daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few years ago.Tammy is a huge fan of Poison, and appreciates Bret’s involvement and contributions to the diabetes community.

Tammy and a friend went to a recent concert at a nearby casino. After the concert Tammy told the guy checking VIP tickets about her daughter having diabetes and how she loves what Bret is doing and he let her through (even though she didn’t have backstage passes)!

She got to meet Bret, take this great picture, and had him autograph a shirt for her daughter.  Bret asked Tammy if her daughter went to camp and offered to pay her way next year (about a $700 expense)!

What a neat story!  I love hearing about little experiences like this.

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