Family Support Weekend

Marissa Hitchcock and our Diet Coke.
Marissa Hitchcock and our Diet Coke

I’m spending the week down in Florida with the CWD family. Later this week will be the Family Support Weekend. Kerri and I are getting aquanted with the staff and will be getting our feet wet with a few presentations.

There is something special about sharing time with people who are devoted to helping other people. It’s infectious. It’s inspiring. It makes me want to do so much more. Many, like myself, are volunteering our time and expertise to help make a difference for people. I feel lucky that the people I’m helping are those living with type 1 diabetes, and specifically us adults living with type 1 diabetes.

I’ll post more this week as I can, but for now I’m heading to sleep and trying to forget that it is 36 degrees here (in FLORIDA!). I thought I left all that cold weather back in Minnesota…

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