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I love meetups.

I will do almost anything in my power to get to them.  I missed a group meeting on Monday night, which bummed me out a bit, but couldn’t be helped.

Last night was a different story though.  I spent a few hours visiting with Dean, Mike, and MissItaly.  I loved it (as usual).

A picture of Scott, Dean, Mike (with missitaly behind the camera)
Scott, Dean, Mike (with MissItaly behind the camera)

And I didn’t even have to travel out of state for this one!

This little social get-together is one of three groups I attend regularly.  There is one in Woodbury, MN, affiliated with the HealthEast system (you don’t need to be seen there to come, but you have to be diabetic or love one of us…(hi Diane!).  There is another in the Bloomington, MN area, called AWTO (Adults With Type One) that is put together by a couple JDRF volunteers (hi Matt & Becky!).   Then there is this one, which is just a group of us getting together to socialize.

The Woodbury and Bloomington meetings are a tad more formal, usually featuring a speaker and/or topic of discussion (but also plenty of time to socialize).

Please let me know if you’d like more information on any of the meetings.  I go to all of them (when I can), and get a lot of value from each of them.

I’ll even help you get there if you need a ride.

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