Scrambled Brain

The Johnson family returned from the 2011 Friends for Life conference late on Sunday. My brain is frantically trying to process all of the magic that I experienced, and I’ve been crazy busy catching up on home stuff. I feel like I need a good solid week of quiet time just to pull myself together.

As I work through everything, I’d like you to take a look at Kerri’s recent blog post about the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). At the 2011 Roche Summit, just weeks before the Friends for Life conference, we met with both Isabella Platon, Head of Communication for IDF, and Jean Claude Mbanya, President of the IDF.

I hope you get a sense of how much impact they had on us and that you start to pay more attention to them.  One easy place to start is with their “O is for OUTRAGE” campaign.  I’ve already sent my postcard.

As I become more educated about them and their work, I’ll do my best to share it all with you.

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5 thoughts on “Scrambled Brain

  1. i for one will look forward to “you” learning more and spreading the word!!
    first i want to say thanks to the blogging word/world in making me see this. i got “on” my butt and went looking.stunned and not happy with what i riled me enough to do a “posting” about it on diabetes daily.(actually scott tipped me off earlier )
    you/he= scott johnson,also said something to me about spreading the word that stuck in my head about if just one person helped and then spread the word to others and someone else spread the word to others.
    by me saying something i got a response from another d who is involved with a dr blanco in bolvia who was looking for insulin meters strips needles etc etc etc. which in turn lead me to donating all my excess d supplies.and in other ds offering to do the same!!!!
    i now cannot heap enough praise upon the blogging world. and in particular on scott johnson.

    lmao as scott knows i have been very cranky about this roche thing!
    well allow me to eat crow was a grand slam.

  2. Can I just say…I love you!!! Just read a couple of other posts mentioning you and I wanna be YOU when I grow up…seriously…although, I may be older than you…not sure what that is saying.

  3. Now, I can’t get scrambled eggs and bacon out of my head… Great. So glad you had a chance to be at both and are able to share that magic with us when it trickles into thought in your brain. Hope the post-FFL time so far has been calm and offered some rest. Thanks for helping spread the word about the IDF and everything that we all must do to get word out on that Outrage. Looking forward to reading more when it’s ready!

  4. I like scrambled eggs but I don’t like scrambled brain.

    I am so excited for DSMA live this week! I can’t believe the President of IDF is taking time out to talk to us!!!