D-Blog Week: Diabetes Hero

Third Annual Diabetes Blog Week!  A Diabetes Hero? I have so many – how can I pick just one?

Molly lives with type 1 diabetes. Molly is allergic to insulin. Need I say more?

Her last A1C was 5.9, thanks to her constant hard work, her constant positive attitude, and her incredible diabetes service dog, Dixie.  She blogs at Dam Diabetes and is on twitter at @mollyanddixie.

Molly might be one of the funniest people I know, second only (maybe) to G-Money.  For example, the last time we got together, she was almost killed by a flying tractor tire and her only thought at the time was “great – there goes my blood sugar!”


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9 thoughts on “D-Blog Week: Diabetes Hero

  1. A really great blog so far; my mum was diagnosed with diabetes a few years back and it has certainly been a struggle for all of us. Today I wrote a post on my blog (manicthoughtsociety.com) on the injustice of deeming diabetics ‘insane’ in British law. Feel free to take a look. Geoff.

  2. Perfect. Molly is awesome. Her humor, heart, and head (she is a smart cookie) are all full of awesomesauce.

    Plus she has the best CGM evah! 😉