Forgot My Meter

Cozmo pump with attached CoZmonitor

Cozmo pump with attached CoZmonitor

For the first time in about eight years I forgot to take my blood sugar meter with me today.  I have been wearing a Cozmo insulin pump for at least that long, and as such, I’ve had my meter connected to me, literally.

The Cozmo pump (discontinued in 2009) had a Freestyle glucose meter that actually clipped onto the back of the pump.  There was a slot for the test strip, and the results would be displayed right on the screen of the pump.

In a slightly over-sized belt pouch, I could carry days and days worth of insulin and everything I needed to test my blood sugar.

I haven’t had to carry one of those “meter pouches” for longer than I can remember.  Until now.

I was recently given an opportunity to try the Medtronic MySentry device for a few months.

The system only works with the Medtronic pump and sensors, so in order to try the system I have to also try the pump and sensor.  Which means I have to let go of my dear old Cozmo for a little while.

The biggest adjustment so far has been the need to remember to bring a glucose meter (and supplies) with me.

I can’t emphasize enough how big of a lifestyle change this is for me.  I knew it would be just a matter of time before I forgot it.  Sure enough, today at lunch.

So what did I do?  I did what any meterless PWD would do.  I bolused based on my CGM reading (though I’m not wearing the MedT CGM just yet – I get hooked up on Monday).

I know, I know!  We are never supposed to make such important treatment decisions based on CGM readings.

What would YOU have done?

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Dawn Di Peppe

I would have probably bolused for my carbs but only a portion for my correction until I got home. My sensor is not so accurate so I would rather be safe the go low trying to drive home. However if I had the Dexcom G4 I would probably just bolus from that number because it is sooo accurate.

I think that women with diabetes have life a bit easier than the guys because we keep all our diabetes stuff in our purses and rarely go anywhere without them. Even with that, I wear cargo pants as much as possible so that pockets are filled with pump, Dexcom, glucose tabs, keys, phone etc. Because of my purse I am lucky that in recent years I’ve never had the dreaded forgot-my-meter situation. But I would have probably done what you did. Although I love my two Ultralink meters that beam the results to my Revel, they’re huge especially when in… Read more »
Scott E
When you don’t have everything you need, you do the best you can with what you’ve got. In your case, that was the CGM. Now, if it had been trending somewhat reliably until then, I’d bolus off of it with little concern (except maybe knock off a half a unit of insulin to account for lows – especially if I don’t feel them too well). But like others said, I might buy a meter. Most every pharmacy has meters and ten strips that are free, after mail-in-rebate, but they claim you can only use it once. I’ve got one of… Read more »

Guess what I would have done? That’s right. Whatever you did.

Johanna B

I keep BG meters all over the place. I have two at home, one in my desk drawer at work, and one in my purse. Hopefully, I’ll never be in a situation where I’m caught without one. On the other hand, if I’d been in your situation I would have bolused off the CGM.