DBlog Week – Day 7 – Diabetes Wild Kingdom (wildcard)

8702009713_cd5e5f714b_oTopic for today:

I’m pulling another wildcard here. The topic I’m skipping is about sharing some new blogs and/or blog posts I’ve read and loved. Finding new blogs to follow is actually one of my favorite things about Diabetes Blog Week — but I’m terribly behind. I’ve been travelling this past week and simply haven’t been able to keep up.  But don’t worry! I’m determined to look through the links and find some new friends! It just might take me a while.

So – the wildcard topic I’m using instead:

Click for the Diabetes Wild Kingdom Wildcard Link List
What is the ideal diabetes service animal? Think beyond the obvious and be creative in explaining why your choice is a good one. For example, maybe a seal would make a good service animal – it flaps its flippers and barks every time you get a good blood sugar reading! (Thanks to Tristan of Based on a True Story for this topic suggestion.)


I think I’d want a creature that was super tiny. Something that could be overlooked, easily concealed, not even noticeable in most circumstances. I could travel easily with it, and even have it with me when I’m exercising.

But this tiny buddy would have to be able to get my attention if needed — even if I am going low and starting to lose it. Maybe a diabetes alert inchworm that could move fast (to get from my pocket to my ear), be self-sufficient amongst my keys, chapstick, testing stuff, and other stuff that is usually in my pocket…. wait! No! Not pocket! I’d wear some super cool necklace with an inchworm home lanyard! That’d be much better!

My inchworm would also posses super strength and be able to fetch me a juicebox if needed. It would also be super smart and able to call 911 from my phone.

Yep. A diabetes alert inchworm. That’s what my brain came up with.



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