A Message for YOU! Exercise & Diabetes

I have a message for you!

Exercising with diabetes is super hard, but you can be successful with it! Education, practice, and persistence can pull you through it.

This short video is my entry into the 2013 Insulindependence Athletic Achievement Awards contest. I’ve made it to the semi-finals and I need your help to push me into the finals. Each unique view of this video counts as a vote (so watch it on every device you have – phone, computer, tablet, etc).

Please share it with everyone you know.

Thank you!

P.S. – If you find yourself in a library, or school lab, or anywhere that has a BUNCH of computers…   Each of those bad-boys is a vote! 🙂

P.P.S. – http://bit.ly/voteskj  <—- look, it’s super short and easy to remember!  I wouldn’t complain if you visited any nearby Best Buy stores to “test” out all of their computers… 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A Message for YOU! Exercise & Diabetes

  1. Hey Scott my name is Erik and I just started Collegediabetes.com for college students with type 1. I wanted to let you know that your post inspired me to write about running with type 1 diabetes (after watching making sure to watch your video from 3 computers). 5 reasons to love running with type 1 You are right that it is important to be active with diabetes (despite its difficulties). Good Luck