The Conversations are Starting

One of the most exciting events at the Friends for Life conference this year was the P4DC panel discussion. This event brought a panel of highly respected medical professionals in front of similarly highly respected members of the diabetes online community to get a conversation going. The conversation was all about how medical professionals feel about social media and what can be done to bring the two groups closer together.

The event was recorded, which shows an appreciation for everyone who couldn’t make it to the live event in Florida and for those who couldn’t tune in for the live stream. We owe a big thanks to the folks at Johnson & Johnson for making this possible.


Link to article in Diabetes JournalIn related news, Jeff Hitchcock sends out a weekly newsletter with lots of great information. In the most recent newsletter I saw an article published in the ADA’s Diabetes Journals aimed at medical professionals and talking about guiding patients to credible online information. It was co-authored by one of my favorite people around, Dana M. Lewis, and therefore had instant credibility with me.

DSMA-Live-PhillyThe DSMA Live crew is also hoping to encourage some constructive conversation at an upcoming live event in Philadelphia on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 where the topic of conversation will be bridging the gap between healthcare professionals, device companies, and pharma.

We certainly don’t have any answers, but we’re hoping that some discussion on the topic will at least get everyone thinking, and perhaps even open up some new opportunities for further dialogue.

I think it’s a really great thing that a very similar topic (healthcare professionals & social media) is popping up in so many different places.

I don’t think we can say it any better than Jill Weissberg-Benchell, PhD, CDE did above.


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Looks like a good discussion; I’ll try to get time to watch the whole thing in the next couple days.

As a diabetic Twitter newbie myself, I think social media and diabetes is an interesting topic!


Congratulations on the award!
Great to hear about FFL – wish it’d switch locations with the west coast once in a while, but I think we’ll make it some year.


I just want you to know how I appreciate your blog which is positive and helpful.

Tim Brand

Thank again for sharing! Thanks again for all the support!