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Screenshot of mySugr Companion 2.1 I have been having so much fun working with the guys (and gals) at mySugr. They’ve been keeping me way more than busy, and I’m thrilled to say they’ve officially adopted me into their monsterpack.

It’s been a fun experience so far, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with everyone I’ve encountered on the team so far. Not just satisfied, but absolutely impressed. They are a very talented group (in many ways) and I’m so happy to have an opportunity to learn from them.

Many of them live with type 1 diabetes, which seems to add a little extra flavor of understanding and urgency to everything they work on.

We’ve seen some really great articles come out recently that I’d like to share in case you missed them.

Diabetes Voice - International Diabetes Federation - Vol. 58 - Special Issue 1

In late August, Elizabeth Snouffer, Editor of IDF’s awesome Diabetes Voice publication and author of an awesome blog in its own right – Diabetes 24-7, wrote a fantastic article on mySugr Companion and mySugr Junior.

“Paul named his mySugr monster Darth Vader, after the evil Star Wars villain, and appreciates how he can take photos of his food rather than write all the information out in a ‘boring diary’. What’s more, although mobile phones are banned from school, Paul is allowed to have his monster (via the mobile) in class, and his friends think that’s cool.”

JDRF CountdownEarly September brought an article from Talley Henning Brown in JDRF’s Countdown. mySugr was honored to be featured on the carousel of the homepage, which was a great reflection of Talley’s fantastic writing and storytelling (thank you, Talley!).

One fun thing she focused on was the JDRF & mySugr partnership, where mySugr works closely with JDRF UK around a community based challenge that results in actual cash donations from mySugr to JDRF on behalf of mySugr users.  The more people who participate in the challenge, the more cash mySugr donates to JDRF. As the website says:

“We’d rather be unemployed than have the D ;)”

Healthy AmericaJust a few days later we saw a neat Q&A stye article in Healthy America that covered some of the background behind mySugr and how we came to be. I think it’s a fun peek into the why of who mySugr is. That sounds complicated, but I think it will make sense once you read the article.

mySugr: The way we joined forces initially was quite natural, since it came out of our own needs and wishes – Frank wished to have an easy way to make sense of his diabetes therapy. Fredrik’s wish was to make this tedious and boring task a bit more fun. Michael and Gerald wanted to build products that really make a difference in people’s lives.  Together, the founding team decided it was time to act, driven by the experiences of two very different people with diabetes!”

App RapAnd finally, do you know Gary Scheiner? If not, you should. He runs a private practice called Integrated Diabetes Services out of the Philadelphia, PA area. He was named the AADE Educator of the year for 2013, and is the author of perhaps one of the best books on using insulin to manage blood sugars – “Think Like a Pancreas“. His team puts out a newsletter periodically, and we were thrilled to find mySugr Companion featured in the “App Rap” section!

Their newsletters are great, and completely free. I recommend signing up if your not already subscribed.

I also saw a bunch of great blog posts that mention mySugr, but I’m sure I’ve missed many, too. If you know of any that I’ve missed, or maybe have even written one that I haven’t commented on yet, please let me know – I’d love to check it out!

Thanks for all of the love, Monster Tamers! You are the best! Let us know what we can do to make things even better for you!



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  1. WOW! There is so much good stuff in this blog, Scott. Thanks! It may take me a week to read all the material in the links, but I’m sure it will be worth my time. How do you find time to put all this together? lol