It’s just weird…

We accept it because it is part of the world we’ve been thrown into.

Some of us, myself included, are even thankful. Being able to measure it instead of how things used to be is a huge improvement.

But there is nothing not weird about cutting ourselves over and over again to bleed on things.

2014-01-06 16.29.13

Does this make you squirm?

It should!


Because I’M BLEEDING!!

So not normal.

I’ll do it again, on purpose, in another hour or so.

Manageable my ass…

158 mg/dl, btw.

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The only time I feel truly normal is when I’m with other d people.

Scott S
You KNOW I’m with you on this; when I wrote my post “Why Anger Plays a Critical Role In Diabetes Self-Care” four years ago, your thinking was the exact same thing that went into my post. For me, this $#!t isn’t “normal” and in spite of the mediocre advances that have been made in type 1 diabetes care during the past 50 years, the fact is the demand is a tall order and patients have a handicap in that we simply never have all the info. we truly need to make treatment (e.g. dosage) decisions. Doctors, nurses, CDEs, exercise physiologists… Read more »

Our Normal sucks.

Mike (everydayupsanddowns)

Weirdness [Yes]
Sadness [Yes]

But like Julie, what I really noticed was the crater on your 3rd finger – ouch! That one went in DEEP!

Scott E

Call me weird, but I don’t find that weird at all. It’s been a part of my life for so long that it just seems normal.

What I *do* find weird is how, when I was first diagnosed and on one injection a day, I was instructructed to rotate sites so I wouldn’t hit the same spot in at least a week. Fast-forward to the height of MDI, and I was lucky to go a day without reusing a spot!

What does this tell me? People — even (and especially) people with diabetes, are very resilient.