mySugr Makes Learning Fun

I’m really enjoying my work with the team at mySugr. They make learning fun.

Exhibit A (my favorite part starts at 1:37…):

There’s an inside joke buried there that made me laugh out loud – so naturally I’m going to share it with everyone on the internet. 🙂

As he’s flying off the kitchen stool, we hear Fredrik exclaim “’cause I’m such a slob!

Some time ago we started sharing pictures and short descriptions of everyone at mySugr on our Facebook page. To make a long story short, I mistranslated something in Fredrik’s picture description and told everyone on Facebook that he’s a slob…

I can only imagine the look on his face when he saw that post. It was probably a lot like the look on my face when I got his e-mail… haha!

I love that this little joke is in the official video, and it will make me laugh each and every time I see it. I couldn’t help but let you guys in on it, too.

Fredrik Scarf

For the record, Fredrik is not a slob. Mad scientist maybe, but not a slob. Anyone who can make a scarf look this cool moments before going on stage for a presentation is definitely not a slob.

Unfortunately, he took the scarf off before presenting.

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First – is that fridge full of beer and cupcakes?
Second – I’ve started using mySugr after a long search for diabetes logging apps for my iPhone and I’ve found it to be far away the best one. I love the analysis and reporting feature of – it really makes it easy to recognize trends in my BGs. Keep up the great work!


Hi Melissa! Yes, that is totally a fridge full of beer & cupcakes… 🙂

Super glad to hear you like it. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions along the way.



I had that same feeling you did when I found all these people in the DOC. I have never met any type 1’s and here they were online and ready to be there for me! SO AWESOME!!!

The cool part is while there are all these people there for me when I need them, I get to be there for them too! This community has saved my life and is an important part of my diabetes management these days.

Thanks for the mention!


… I became more and more afraid of that “stuck in their brain” effect when I saw what echo my comment provoked.

But no problem if you continue calling me Vila – I´m prepared to respond to either of them from now on, I just didn´t want to “hide” …


I will try very hard to say Viola when we meet. At least Vila is still a nice name, right?

I remember a time in high school when there was a typo in my name on some list somewhere (an honor roll, the “B” honor roll, at that) where they called me “Scitt” instead of “Scott.” I spent the rest of that year being called Scitt by my closest friends and worst enemies. Vila is much nicer than Scitt. 🙂

Vila (but see comment below)
Vila (but see comment below)
This is simply overwhelming for me. Thank you all so much for this flood of welcoming words. And thank you both, Scott and Marlis, for your invitation to stop by the office. This came as unexpected as each of the other welcoming replies. You got my cupcake comment right, Scott. I think they are pretty as movie props, but I have a much harder time resisting a cup of coffee than a cupcake. So Marlis´ suggestion to have a coffee was right up my alley. I won´t jump on the bike immediately, but I am a bit in conflict with… Read more »

Haha! I’m smiling SO big right now! 🙂

And you know that you’re permanently stuck in my brain as “Vila” now, right?